Patient Advocacy
It is an unfortunate reality that at any given time, their are patients in need of a transplant. First, and foremost, our goal is to be the patient's friend and advocate in their most trying battle. Our goal is to find their match, but this is much easier said than done.

We are not their physician; we are not OneMatch. We are a group of friends who have the know-how, and access to a network of resources that the patient does not. If you are a patient, then most likely you are already in touch with OneMatch through your physician. In the event that you are not, please speak to your physican directly about OneMatch. Once in touch, OneMatch will likely point you our way as they might see fit. This does not mean you can't speak to us anyhow. If you do wish to have a discussion about your situation, creating a drive, wish to be pointed to some patient resources -or anything for that matter- please do contact us directly by email at:, or by phone at: 647-367-4406.

We have had the bittersweet occasion of meeting many fine individuals throughout our existence. Some have passed on, while others are enjoying their post-transplant lives. It has been an honour to know all of them.

Please visit the images at right to hear their stories. Dr. Abhijit Guha was our reason for becoming who we are. Emru Townsend was our first glimpse into the scope of the disease. Rahim helped open our eyes and provided us an opportunity to grow geographically. Through all three we have made lasting friendships and met dedicated advocates.

Pictured (right): Dr. Abhijit Guha, Emru Townsend, Rahim Hasham.