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We respect your privacy

We (SA4L) will do our best to protect your privacy. If you are a minor, please consult with a guardian before using our site.

We won't use your identifying personal information provided to us online without your permission.

What your 'Information' is

We only collect personally identifying information you choose to submit using our online contact form, including your name, phone number, e-mail address, and in addition the information you voluntarily submit in your message. There is no requirement to submit any of this information and you are still welcome to enjoy the site. If you do submit information to us, a copy is retained by us for our records and to give us the ability to respond. There is no limit on how long we will keep it. If you have a specific concern, please let us know.

We do not track your information in aggregate/personal formats. For example, we do not collect statistics on web browsers, viewer geography, hits to pages, use cookies, or other info used typically to improve the website viewing experience or tailor information to our audience. Should this policy change, we will update it here and be specific about it.

We do not engage in advertising, selling information, or spying on you for others. We will comply with any legally binding requests from authorities in our jurisdiction only as we are required and able to.

Partners: OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network, Canadian Blood Services

We are Community Partners of the OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network under Canadian Blood Services and our policies are not in exception to theirs, governed under Health Canada. In order to work with them we may need to share information with them. All identifiable personal information that you provide, will be kept confidential unless we notify you otherwise. In the event you do not wish them to participate in the interaction, you must let us know in a timely fashion. From time-to-time we partner with other groups with a mission similar to or in support of ours. We will also let you know if we need to share your information, and you have an opportunity to let us know your thoughts on that.

Logging in

Enhanced services on our site are available to staff, volunteers, and trusted partners. By logging in, you are agreeing to operate in a less private environment. An open environment is necessary in order to accomplish many tasks.

What we do with your information

We will let you know what we are doing with your information, such as communicate with you, host and create swabbing events and media campaigns, and instruct others in our cause. We will only do what is is legal and right.

We may also provide you opt-in services such as our newsletter, or media blasts. Opting-out can be done by your notifying us.

Safeguarding your information

Our webhosting is secured with SSL technology protecting communication. Hardware and software firewalls, daily malware scans are also in place and data is warehoused and served from secure facilities. Our staff and volunteers undergo training to ensure your information is handled properly. At swabbing events, volunteers are instructed in the safe, confidential handling of information. We do not warehouse such information and instead turn it over to OneMatch stem Cell and Bone Marrow Donor Network.

We employ best practices such as reviewing mail from trusted devices, safe guarding hard copy, discussing only where apropriate etc. We supervise our volunteers to ensure compliance.


We are always striving to ensure our partners and any parties we deal with share our best practices. However we cannot be responsible for any breeches on their part or be liable for such. In the event you follow links from our site, please ensure you are comfortable with their policies and procedures before engaging with them. If you have any reservations, please ask for clarification.


While we endeavour to make sure any information on our site is accurate, technology changes, and there may be errors; you should not rely upon the information here solely, or in part, in making important decisions on matters such as health or welfare. We can point you to the correct resources should you need any clarification.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions or concerns about any of this, please contact us:

Tel: (289) 588-6271

Please note: We may modify, amend, rescind or restate our policies or portions thereof from time to time with or without prior notice. Please check back here to inform yourself of such changes. However by visiting any page on our site, you agree to our terms as outlined here.